E-Learning Part 1- Foundation Botulinum Toxin A

The first step in your aesthetic career- E-learning
pre requisite theory modules

Your  mandatory online modules that allow you to become familiar with aesthetics prior to attending your practical day in clinic.   Our 10 online modules plus quizzes and exams will cover all the fundamentals and the knowledge required to safely deal with your aesthetic patients.

This will allow our delegates to be confident and feel safe to commence their aesthetic career. Buy as a stand alone module then upgrade to the practical course when you feel ready. 

Do you feel you need some refresher training? Then purchasing the stand alone modules may just be for you. 

Introduction To BOTOX

Learn How BOTOX Works

Learn about the history of Botulinum Toxin A, types, Storage, Handling and Dilution. Learn about the different types of toxin on the market and how they differentiate from each other. Learn how to correctly store botulinum toxin a and reconstitution. Watch our interactive videos.
Lesson 1:1 hour

The Ageing Face

How Does The Face Age

Understand how the face ages as well as the difference between dynamic and static lines
Lesson 2:1 hour

Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomy and physiology

Knowing the anatomy of the face is fundamental to performing aesthetic treatments. An understand of the nerves, veins and arteries is taught
Lesson 3:1 hours

Patient Selection

Select your patient

How best to select your patient , how to take before and after photos, consent, consultation skills and deliver the best treatment plan.
Lesson 4:1 hour

Side Effects/Contraindications/Complications


Lesson 5:1 hours


Essential Aftercare

How to apply aftercare in practice is an essential part of your patients treatment. Here we discuss the do's and don's.
Llesson 6:1 hour


Learn about toxins

Here we discuss the different types of toxin and how they work differently.
Lesson 7: 1 hour

Business and Marketing

How to set up a clinic

We let you into our trade secrets on how we become so successful. Learn how to get clients and retain them, what's required for marketing. From leaflets, social media too websites.
Lesson 8: 1 hour

Financial Considerations

Costs of setting up

Setting up an aesthetic clinic or mobile requires commitment and funds. Here we discuss costs of the essential items to get you started in your new career. From sharps collection to sundries we cover it all.
Lesson 9: 1 hour

Healthcare improvement Scotland

Scottish regulations

Healthcare Improvement Scotland regulates independent healthcare services in Scotland. Healthcare Improvement Scotland started to regulate independent clinics in Scotland as of April 2016.
Lesson 10: 1 hour



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Our interactive e-learning course for Foundation Botox  Part 1 is designed to give you the knowledge to safely carry out treatment to your patients. We will discuss the 3 main areas- Forehead, Frown and Crows Feet. At the end of your learning we will test your knowledge and give constructive feedback. You can take the test as much as you require until you are confident to safely treat your patients. Pre-requisite to your practical sessions. 

Why E-Learning Courses

Grow your knowledge and stay ahead of your competitors

Knowledge Based

Interactive quizzes to test your knowledge on anatomy, physiology and skin ageing.

Product videos

Watch how to reconstitute BOTOX, dilution and storage and injection markings

Anytime, Anywhere

Watch and learn anytime, anywhere with lots of FREE PDF files

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  • On successful completion of the courses, you are awarded a certificate and have the option to go back and look through the pods at any time.