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A popular masterclass in  Advanced Lip and Peri Oral lines using Teoxane Dermal Fillers and Neuromodulators ( Toxin)

This course is an ideal place  to start if you have already been on your foundation dermal fillers course or have just completed an introduction to lips or you have attended courses elsewhere  but need more knowledge and hands on injecting experience to treat your patients safely. 

This course will give you the hands on training that no other course offers. First you will learn the theory through our interactive e-learning suite. Next you will attend our state of the art training facility where our tutors will guide you through live sessions treating your patients. 

Our course includes e-learning and 1 full day practical sessions in clinic where you will inject the  Lips, peri oral lines, Oral Commissures using Teoxane Dermal Fillers and Neuromodulators (toxin). 

We want to give you the best training possible and by this we give you an e-learning platform as well as continued professional development and ongoing support post course. 

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This course is aimed at medical professionals ONLY-Doctors. Dentists, Nurses, Dental Therapists, Prescribing Pharmacists and Dental Hygienists.  This means that on your training day you will be learning with a group that meets your level of expertise and experience. We do NOT train non medics or beauticians keeping in line with our industry standards at all times. 


The history of dermal fillers/indications

Learn about HA fillers, different types of fillers,
Learn the main differentiators for HA fillers, the source of HA; concentration of HA in each syringe being utilised; the particulate size of the HA; whether the HA is cross-linked; the type of cross-linking agent used in the HA; whether the HA is monophasic or biphasic; and whether there is an anesthetic in the HA syringe.

The Ageing Face

The ageing face

We will discuss how the face ages and how the loss of facial fat along with gravity and repeated activity leads to deep wrinkles in the face.
The facial skeleton provides the structural support for overlying soft tissues, and changes to facial appearance manifesting as hollowing, folds, creases and rhytids, are usually preceded by bony changes.

Anatomy and physiology

Anatomy of the Lips

Knowing the facial anatomy is fundamental to performing aesthetic treatments . An understanding of the facial muscles, nerves, arteries and more is taught.
Without a comprehensive anatomical understanding, a practitioner injecting dermal fillers might inject into a vessel, causing a catastrophic event, and in turn a relatively simple injection technique into a serious complication.

Patient Selection


How best to select your patients for treatment, take before and after pictures, expectations, discuss costs as well as product choice. How to take consent as well as your treatment plan.
Here we will disucss the consultation with your patient, the ideal lip patient, patients with lip asymmetries.

side effects/complications/contraindications/

side effects/complications

Learn side effects to treatment with dermal fillers, how to avoid complications and what to do in an emergency situation.
Learn about the main side effects as well as uncommon and rare side effects. oedema, pain, erythema, swelling, bruising, infection and Inflammation. How to utilise hyaluronidase in an emergency or elective procedure. Hyaluronidase is an enzyme which catalyses the depolymerisation of HA and occurs naturally inhuman tissue.


how to apply aftercare in practice

We learn you how to apply aftercare for your patients as well as review of your treatment and follow ups.
An important aspect of your treatment is your's as well as your patients aftercare. How to follow up your patient and avoid any adverse reactions or infections. What to do if something goes wrong.



Our practical sessions give you the hands on experience that is crucial to your practice. Watch our tutors inject on a live model prior to your delegates session. Here you will learn cannula technique for a safer injection as well as the 4 mm needle technique and many more common techniques such as bolus, micro droplet, fanning, linear, vertical for better height, philtre column, peri oral lip lines and tissue support
Here you will have a minimum of 3 patients to treat naso 1 X labial folds, 1 X lips 1 X oral commissures. First you will learn on our mannequins prior to injecting under the supervision of your tutor. Depending on the models applying you may have the chance to inject more.



Our e-learning platform is designed to give you the knowledge prior to attending your practical session. Here we will take you through everything in order for you to be well prepared for the practical session.
E-Learning will allow you to return to your notes time and time again. With interactive quizzes and test your knowledge questions this platform is the next step in your learning. Product knowledge will also be included.

Teoxane Dermal Fillers ( Teosyal & RHA portfolio)

Teoxane- our selected products

Renu Academy are proud to work with Teoxane products to deliver training. TEOSYAL️® is a range of injectable hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers designed to treat wrinkles, give volume to the face and improve skin quality.
We believe in delivering the best and to do this we have to use the best quality products. Using Teoxane RHA 2/3 and Kiss within this module to treat lips, naso labial folds


how to succeed- business and marketing tips

We will let you into our trade secrets and how we succeeded as a medical aesthetic clinic. Do's and Dont's and best practice.


costs of setting up a clinic

We will discuss financial considerations that you will have to consider when setting up your aesthetic clinic.
Financial considerations is one of the important aspects of setting up your aesthetic practice. We will disucss costs such as sharps collection, disposable waste costs, website, leaflets insurance, PPE etc.

Scotland Only- Regulations

Scotland introduced Healthcare Improvement Scotland for all medical professionals to register prior to setting up an aesthetic clinic. We will discuss how to set up smoothly as well as protocols
Healthcare Improvement Scotland regulates independent healthcare services in Scotland. Healthcare Improvement Scotland started to regulate independent clinics in Scotland as of April 2016.




£ 350
  • Low Investment Intro
  • Self Paced
  • Learn Science and Theory
  • Upgrade for £850


£ 1200
  • Over 7 techniques
  • Includes4mm and Tenting
  • Oral Commissures workshop included
  • E-Learning


£ 500
  • 2 x payments of £350
  • Paid in full prior to course
  • E-learning straight away
  • Affordable

A  certificate  will be provided at the end of the course provided that you have reached all the requirements in the e-learning and practical sessions.  

Our courses are approved by leading insurance companies such as Hamilton Fraser and Cosmetic Insure. 

Post Course Support

RENU Academy do not want you to leave the course without the knowledge that you can contact your training provider for support. All of our trainers will be on hand via our closed FB forum as well as email and telephone. This ongoing support will also be given via e-learning where you can log in to read the latest updates in the industry as well as new courses. We have a wide networking team and are recognised within the aesthetic industry.  Support will be given with Teoxane  reps as well as various other pharmaceutical reps. 

Pre-Course Reading via e-learning

Your journey into the course will begin with the e-learning course prior to the practical day in our clinic. Once you have secured your booking we will give you log in details to access the material. You can then choose what day you wish to attend the practical session. Work at your own pace anytime anywhere.

Model information will be required to be filled in prior to your practical session and terms and conditions read.  


We supply models. You will have 4 models each


Please see our terms and conditions policy on cancellations. 

faculty member

With over 14 years aesthetic experience , I have helped hundreds of delegates enter into the aesthetics market and grow their business.  It is my mission to provide our delegates with the knowledge and skills and  that will drive their business growth.

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